Awesome team of volunteers at the BWEL Giveaway Event!
Providing college students with the stability they need to focus on education.

Our Mission

The BWEL Foundation exists to build strong, diverse, equitable communities. This is accomplished through advocacy and supportive services for those who desire the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Our initial program is educational advancement solutions for low-income parent-students.

Services for Students

Are you a parent scholar in higher education? We understand that you are balancing a LOT! We may be able to help you succeed in school by providing the following services:

  • Academic coaching to help you enroll, apply for financial aid, build your study skills, research career options, and more.
  • Resource lab where you can study in a family-friendly environment
  • Tutoring for you and/or your school-aged children
  • Supervised play space to keep your kids occupied and learning while you study or meet with an academic coach
  • Basic needs support like food, toiletries, bus passes and gas cards (when available)
  • Referrals to community resources

Support the BWEL Foundation

The BWEL Foundation relies on the community to fund our annual operations. By providing high-quality housing, early childhood education, academic support, and intergenerational programming, BWEL seeks to address the critical issues that impede school success. Your generous donation helps us to better serve these families.

There are no other holistic programs in the Raleigh area providing single parent students with the stability they need to focus on education.

Volunteer Opportunities

BWEL is currently a volunteer driven initiative and will remain so in the short term. We are seeking volunteer support in the following areas:

  • Academic coaches
  • Tutors
  • Play Champions
  • Marketing and communications
  • Advisory committee members

BWEL Events

BWEL is launching the HOST program coming in fall of 2021!

Learn about the program and how to get involved.
BWEL hosted our first ever giveaway event on November 16, 2019!

See more photos and learn about the event.

In the News

Our Values

  • Love – Every life matters regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, criminal conviction, socio-economic status, age, gender, disability, or mental/emotional capacity.
  • Community – Strong collaborations with community partners is one of the key ways we work to help advance our cause towards strong, equitable communities.
  • Social Justice – We promote solutions that break down inequity and give working families the opportunity of upward mobility. Communities that are integrated and equitable are healthier and more sustainable for everyone.
  • Strategic Solutions – We combine best practices and the community voice to ensure that growth benefits all, then connect people with the tools and networks needed to implement them.
  • Servant Leadership – We lead by serving others and combat division through empathy. Leading by example and encouraging others to do the same builds community.

Ask the BWEL Foundation to come speak to your group about who we are and the work we’re doing in the community.