Tutors will provide academic support in areas where participants have demonstrated the need.  They will help parent scholars and/or school-aged children learn. Tutors will review content with them, explain how to solve problems, check completed homework, proofread, etc.  


  • As requested by students, review assignments and advise on academic projects
  • Help scholars develop study skills and organization techniques to improve their academic performance
  • Assist parent scholars with developing study skills and self-advocacy in the higher education system

Non-Negotiable Success Factors:

  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive personal or academic information
  • Apply cultural awareness while building trusting relationships
  • Abide by the BWEL Foundation mission, values and guiding principles

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Experience as an educator and/or tutor in a higher education setting
  • Experience working within diverse communities
  • Ability to commit to a consistent schedule

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